Welcome to the PCNAK WOMEN’S Page!

PCNAK Women’s sessions are designed for our women of faith to network, share their experiences, support, and motivate each other’s self-confidence to support our younger generation and empower them build strong families and become great leaders in our Christian communities in the future.

The purpose of this page is to introduce our objectives, speakers and our leadership to our audience – a community where women are facing many challenges unique to their generation. We hope to create a place where our audience can feel uplifted by our Christian faith and what it means to be a successful Christian woman in today’s culture. We have great speakers who will address topics that show in practical ways on the role of women in the kingdom building and great opportunity for fellowship, and hearing the voices of women leaders living out the Word.

Join us for PCNAK 2018 Women’s Session in Springfield from July 5-8, 2018. Together we will exalt the Lord Jesus and grow together in His Lord.

Asha Daniel

National Women's Coordinator

Sis. Maya Kumaradas
Sis. Jessy Saju Mathew
Sis. Saudha Suresh

The Team

Asha Daniel (NY)
National Women's Coordinator
Susan Johnson (MA)
Local Women's Coordinator
Suja Idiculla (MA)
Local Women's Coordinator

Alice Mathew (IL)
Dr. Elizabeth Alexander (SC)
Elizabeth John (CT)
Esther Yohannan (PA)
Glory Jason (GA)
Glory Joseph (OK)
Jessy C Varughese (NY)
Jolly Pathalil (NY)
Mini Varghese (NY)
Pheba Johnson (NY)
Mary Thomas (TN)
Shiney Mathew (Houston, TX)
Shiney Raju (Dallas, TX)
Grace George (NJ)
Susan Jacob (Canada)