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Spiritual Intervention in Clinical Care

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Burn out..

Burn out..

Burn out - we hear it all around, but more so ever in the health care professions. With more government intrusions and the demand to meet ever increasing expectations and deadlines, and given the increasing bureaucracy and insurance requirements, more and more health care professionals are becoming apathetic towards their profession.

Are you one of those burned out health care professional?

Then this is a unique session that you don’t want to miss, where you can learn about how you can change your perspective about your health care job. You will see joy and satisfaction that you have never experienced before as you see patients in the setting that God has placed you. There is a divine calling on you to fulfill the sacred duty of taking care of a person in need. The patients that you encounter are meeting you with a divine appointment. This session will equip you with the skills to spiritually assess patients during your brief encounters, discern God’s leading and meet them at a spiritual level. The opportunities that you see opening up to minister to the needs of human soul will transform you spiritually and eventually your perspective about the healthcare profession.

Dr. Walt Larimore, who is a leading authority on this topic, will be leading this session at the 2018 Boston PCNAK. He is a family practice physician, whom God has used in various capacities to lead many to Christ through his profession. He authored and co-authored many articles and books including the popular Grace Prescription. He also served as the Vice President and Family Physician in Residence at the Focus on family from 2001-2004.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting session in July.

Dr. James Samuel & Dr. George Mathew


Walt Larimore, MD

Family Physician and Author Walt Larimore, MD. Dr. Larimore has been listed in the Best Doctors in America, Distinguished Physicians of America, Who’s Who in ... Read More

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The purpose of CE

Research is rapidly accumulating that demonstrates a link between religious involvement and health. As a result, healthcare professionals are searching for ways to apply the findings from these studies to patient care. This session will briefly review the evidence supporting including spiritual interventions (such as spiritual assessment, spiritual referral/consult, spiritual care teams, and praying with/for patients) in clinical care.

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