• 1. Guidelines for obtaining US Visa for participating in PCNAK Boston 2018 (Click to Open)

    We appreciate your interest in participating PCNAK Boston 2018.

    Please see below the guidelines for obtaining US Visa for participating PCNAK Boston 2018. 

    1-    Complete your registration online at Please enter the following information accurately when you register. a) Your Full Name (as it appears in your passport) – FIRST NAME, SURNAME/FAMILY NAME/LAST NAME. b) Your Home Address (include Street, Postal Code and Country) c) Your Phone Number; and email.

    2-   Upon registration, mail a copy of your passport(s), name of your sponsor (if applicable) with a copy of your confirmation email.  

    3-    Upon registering, please allow 7 – 15 days to receive the letter. The Letter will include information regarding your invitation to attend the PCNAK Boston 2018 and your registration number for the Conference. It will also include personal information that you have provided on your registration form. 

    4-    The PCNAK Boston 2018 will only send ONE letter per delegate/family for securing a visa. The letter that you will receive is ONLY for attendance at the PCNAK Boston 2018 from July 5-8, 2018 in Springfield, MA, USA. You must be registered, to receive your invitation letter. 

    5-    The PCNAK Boston 2018 will provide you accommodation, food, and transportation Boston/Logan airport to the conference center and back to the airport for those who have registered and made full payment/full package by April 30. However, PCNAK is not responsible any costs related to visa application, and other costs associated with your travel to Springfield, MA, USA.

    6-    Requirements vary from country to country. You must contact the U.S. Embassy in your home country/place of residence for further visa requirements. For a list of U.S. Embassies in your country, go here: . For U.S. Visa wait times in your country, go here:  http://travel.state. gov/visa/temp/wait/wait_4638. html. For further information on getting a U.S. Visa, go here: visa/visa_1750.html

    Please note that the Letter from PCNAK Boston 2018 DOES NOT guarantee a U.S. visa. It is only a supporting document for you to take to the U.S. Embassy. You may also discuss your plan with a local travel agent to guide you for the visa/travel plan. For further information regarding the conference, invitation letter, feel free to contact us.